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Sean Strecker


Hi, I’m Sean.

I live on Australia’s Gold Coast.

I use drones to capture this beautiful world from above.

I started a company in 2015 called FalconView Drone Services which specialises in advanced aerial imagery.

I’ve also been a DJ since 1999. You can find some of my mixes on

All I want to do is travel and meet cool people. Please help!

I took this photo on Sunday, June 25 using my DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone and a ND4 filter which was sent to me from SANDMARC.

It is a 3 bracket HDR shot and I found that using a light ND filter works well to maintain the detail in a sunset. Think of filters as sunglasses for your drone 😎

Sundays on the Burleigh hill is always a beautiful experience. With families and local beautiful people just chilling on the grass watching the surfers and the sun set over the beach.

Magic 💫

3 comments on “Winter Sunset over Burleigh Beach

  1. This is so beautiful and so exquisite.

    The fact you have captured the essence and beauty of nature makes me look at this photograph and makes me feel like as if I’m there, like as if I feel right at home.

    This is a fantastic photograph, Sean.

    Please feel free to visit my website anytime. You’re always welcome.

    Alex Smithson

    Mother Nature:


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